Strawberry Field – Steps to Work


The Steps to Work programme is launching right now. It is the start of the journey which will give as much support as possible to the students, to gain skills and work experience, heading for part-time or full-time employment. This scheme includes classroom-based learning, specialised training in a chosen sector and work-based experience. Another quote:

‘The course offered to trainees will include; catering, travel and tourism, administration and customer service. Trainees will gain certified qualifications in their chosen subject. We consider the Memorandum of Understanding to be an important part of a new story for the community in Liverpool.’

The students who complete the educational stage of the programme will become Graduates of The City of Liverpool College and of the Strawberry Field Centre.

It goes without saying that a change of heart and direction is always on the cards. We don’t always hit the right button the first time and as paid employment is one great aim, the students have to enjoy a happy position.

The other great aim; a greater understanding of themselves and the seen and unseen world which nourishes us all.