Summer Fayre 2019

We had a Strawberry Field Summer Fayre at the end of May…and we were very lucky with the weather! The stalls were set out in a Community Hall, with lots of food in the centre and interesting items for sale along the walls….along with Tombola, throwing ping-pong balls into cups (I was surprisingly good at this one!) and nail painting, which I also had done.

I bought a beautiful crocheted blanket square in bright colours, done by one of the students. She had watched her Mother crocheting difficult pieces and taken herself to teach herself this new skill. I am now the proud owner of that start-up blanket and will be looking out for more!

The best thing for me, though, was that almost all of the two groups of Strawberry Field Graduates were there. And what a difference in their whole demeanour. I was chatting to confident young people, who told me about their work placements with pride. There was lots of laughter and photo-taking. They all had something to say.

These were the same youngsters who had shied away from engagement just a few months before…now they were keen to share what they had been doing. It made the whole Strawberry Field project come to life.

This is what it is all about. Taking in young people who need strength and guidance and training….and turning out people who will grow in confidence and take a proper place in society.

The next group of students will start shortly and I hear that we will soon have the keys to the new building!

Watch this space.