The rise and rise of Strawberry Field.

The last time I visited Strawberry Field, it was at the footings and foundation stage. We always have to done hard hats and building site shoes (the hats slip off my head, no matter how tightly I draw in the strap. I have to hold it on with one hand!)

Well, the progress has been phenomenal. I met one of the Salvation Army staff last week and she had been on site and had taken lots of photographs. …and I received them today…here they are. I can hardly comprehend the rate and state of the work. The staff member I mentioned is called Sue…and she told me that she has been making bacon butties for the builders every Friday. The result is there for all to see!

I am off to America to promote the Strawberry Field project and will go hotfoot to see the magic for myself as soon as I get back in early March.