Dear All,

It is now 3 years since I last posted anything here…after we had been to see Paul perform one of his spectacular shows in Detroit, USA. I met him briefly backstage before the show and wrote to let you know what I saw then. He looked and sounded like the absolutely fabulous global star that he is. I have since seen his recent Cavern show…what a momentous occasion that was! We got the same presence, the same rock ‘n roll energy as the mega arena shows. He wrapped the old favourites in with the new ventures, finishing with his inimitable version of ‘Helter Skelter’—the one that says, ‘You’re done, I’m done…let’s go home’!!!!

I feel privileged now, to be involved as the Honorary President of the new project undertaken by The Salvation Army at Strawberry Field, in Liverpool. This position has prompted me to return to the blog as a way of documenting the progress for those of you who may be interested in walking this path with us.

There is a very large team working on the regeneration of Strawberry Field, as a Training Hub for young people with mild to moderate  disabilities and as a new and exciting Visitor Attraction. This is one small corner.

If you would like to join us here as we record the highlights of this transformational journey, then be our guests! Strawberry Field invites your support, in your own way.