A resident of Strawberry Field.

A lady contacted us to let us know that she had been a resident at Strawberry Field, when it was a care home. Her name is Melvis. Isn’t that great?!

Melvis lived there for many years as a child, from babyhood in fact. She has very kindly made an interview, which will be shown in the Visitor Experience, just like Michael Hill has…but this will be an entirely different story. This is the story of what it was like to have Strawberry Field as your real home. I will be very interested to hear it.


Melvis became a singer herself, when she grew up. Her best friend was the sister of Rory Storm..Rory of The Hurricanes, that is…another of the myriad successful Liverpool groups that mushroomed in the 60’s. She often met The Beatles at her friend’s house. All will be revealed in her story.